Industry based Employees

Many employees or tradespeople, have some connection to their trade but often move around quite a bit during their employment years. Choosing an Industry fund may seem simple but is it wise to choose the one that relates just to your industry? Is it sufficiently portable if you move jobs? Does it force you to have insurances? Is the level of cover appropriate for your family? How much does your employer contribute for you? Are their other benefits of particular funds that you may miss out on? Does it have a good range of investment choices and how do you make the decision? Simply ticking a box or letting them decide is not an investment decision-especially when your long term future is at stake.
What about other decisions you need to make. When to buy a house and how to finance it? Where can you get holistic advice about your financial needs and arrangements? Who will help you with financial matters over the years to ensure that you get to retirement with enough money?

More information specific to your superfund

We have experience of thousands in dealing with the following:

  • Maximising contributions
  • Maximising employer benefits
  • Some broad strategies we can employ if you work with us
  • Benefit options (pension/lump sums)
  • Redundancy
  • Invalidity
  • and more

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