How Government Employees (inc. CSIRO) can make the most of their Superannuation Funds.

Nearly all Federal & State government super funds have complexities that require “insider” knowledge to make the most of them. Many of them are defined benefit funds (DBF) which have various rules and may not be dependent just upon how much you contribute. Things like the timing of exit, the redundancy provisions, invalidity benefits as well as various pension options can be mystifying in any given situation.
We have had a wide experience over 30 years of these funds and can help you identify the best way you can maximise your benefits. We have developed a special set of criteria we apply to redundancies and how to take pensions versus lump sums. It is rarely straight forward and each case is individually important to analyse carefully.
Funds we know well include: CSS/PSS/PSSap/SSS/SASS/Unisuper/Qsuper/ MSBS/Avsuper

More information specific to your superfund

We have experience of thousands in dealing with the following:

  • Maximising contributions
  • Maximising employer benefits
  • Some broad strategies we can employ if you work with us
  • Benefit options (pension/lump sums)
  • Redundancy
  • Invalidity
  • and more

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